Auger Bit Set by Irwin Auger Bit Company

irwinbits.jpg (81713 bytes) Given here is a set of 14 unused auger bits manufactured by the IRWIN Auger Bit Company of Wilmington Ohio. The original packing grease is still on all of the bits in a dried out state except one which I cleaned ( 3/4 " size second from right in right half of box ) with alcohol. Sets like these can be easily be found and at a price less than new. I was extremely lucking to have obtained an unused set. Oak box is in fine condition. Sizes include: 1/4, 3/16, 3/8, 7/16, 1/2, 9/16, 5/8, 11/16, 3/4, 13/16, 7/8,1 5/16, and 1 inch.
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