Russell Jennings Auger Bits

RusselJenningsCatalogCover.jpg (27236 bytes) One of the best sources of information on the Russel Jennings Auger bits and the company is a reprint of a 1899 price list put together by Kenneth Roberts. Show on the left, this document "Reprint of Price List of Russell Jennings Mfg. Co., c. 1899 with Supplementary Data" by Kenneth Roberts consists of a 23 page 1899 price catalog,  photographs of Russell Jennings and his plants in Deep River, CT and Chester CT, as well as a historical article which first appeared in the Supplement to the Deep River new Era, August 25, 1899. Kenneth Roberts noted that the developement of the Patent Extension Lip Auger Bit by Russell Jennings Manufacturing Company ranks in similar in importance to the introduction of the Bailey adjustable iron planes.
RusselJenningBitEnds.JPG (50715 bytes) Features: Extension Lip Auger Bit
Manufactured: 1855 - today,starting in 1892 supplied with Patented Wooden Box
Russell Jennings 1/30/1855 (Basic Design)
               Russell Jennings 5/20/1890 (Wooden Box)
Dimensions: 4/16,5/16,6/16,7/16,8/16,9/16 inch in top tier ,
                      10/16,11/16,12/16,13/16inch in middle tier,
                      14,16,15,16,16/16 inch in bottom tier
Construction: Double twist
Finish: Nickel plated
User Info:
Considered one of the best bargains in the used/antique tool market today. Complete sets with good nickel are highly sought after by collectors and old tool users alike."
Average Price: $50 to $125
Notes: Russel Jennings" is stamped in full on the round of each bit..
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Catalog Picture of Russel Jennings Patented Augur Bit Box

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View of Top Tier
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Closup of Label
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View of Middle Tier
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View of Bottom Tier