Stanley No 36 Adjustable Metallic Plumb and Level

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Stanley No. 36 Level ( Later Type)5

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1898 Catalog Image of Stanley No. 36 Level
Features: All sizes available as a "shafting level" with a grooved bottom, Stanley's No 36G; "Prooved" vials.
Manufactured1: 1898 to 1977
Justus Traut's 8/4/1896 (construction, improved eclipse cover) - Trauts & Bodmer's 6/23/1896 (marking method)
6, 9, 12, 18, 24 inches long (1898 Catalog had only 12,18, & 24" models)
Cast Iron
Finish: Japanned
Average Price1:
$10 to $50
6 inch size: $35 to $75
W.W.II era: $50 to $100 (with copper finish)
Notes1:  Rotaing or eclipse vial covers were offered starting in 1935. An unusual later variation is known with the vial mounted on a case iron base. In the 1930's, the vials were adjustable by a single screw. The number 36G is often misread as 360, which is not a model number. various style castings were used for this model throughout its production history. From 1947-49, Stanley produced an unusual variation with an extra heavy rib along the inside of the casting. value is from $25 to $100.

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5. Stanley No 36,  Tool Collection of Gordon Muster . Very Fine Condition  Near new Condition.Purchased March 2001 on Ebay for $36.