Stanley No 96 Carpenters Plumb and Level

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Stanley 96  Carpenters Plumb and Level Type 15
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1897 Catalog Image of Stanley 95  Carpenters Plumb and Level (Seperate Image of No.   96 not in Catalog)2
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1909 Catalog Image of Stanley 95  Carpenters Plumb and Level (Seperate Image of No.   96 not in Catalog)3
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1923 Catalog Image of Adjustable Level Frame Details4
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1923 Catalog Image Showing Plumb Glass Mounting Details for Adjustable Levels4
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Top Plate with Early Trademark and  Traut's 6/2/1891,  2/4/1896, and   6/23/1896 Patent Dates5
Manufactured1: 1897 to 1935
Patents1: Justus Traut's 7/17/1894 (simplified vial carrier) - Trauts's 2/19/1895 (adjustable bed and tensioning) - Traut's 2/4/1896 (Design patent for level frame)
Sizes1: 24 to 30 inches long
Construction1: lacquered rosewood, brass bound
Average Price1: $100 to $250
Notes1: Made with a triple stock and extra brass corner tips from 1897 to 1911. Made with a five-piece stock from 1911 to 1935.
      Adjustable Levels have the level glass set in plaster in a metal case. This case is fastened to a steel base on one end by a screw and bushing and on the other (adjusting end) by a special spring and adjusting screw. The case complete is fastened securely in the level by two wood screws. The top plate is independent of the level case thus permitting the level to be easily adjusted.
     The Plumb Glass in adjustable levels are set in a case flanged at one end, and is secured to a specially formed cap so made that there is leeway for rotating the flanged case for the proper alignment. Cut C.
   Three Ply levels  have a novel method of securely holding the sections of the level in place by a series of tongues and grooves running the entire length of the level.Cut H
AdjustLevelDetailH.jpg (147873 bytes)
1926 Catalog Image of Section Detail H Showing 3 Piece Dovetailed Construction 3

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5. Stanley No 96 Type 1,  Tool Collection of Gordon Muster . Very Fine Condition except missing one screw on top center faceplate and one screw on one end tip. Brass has only typical dings and scratchs from use with only one small dent and a nice unpolished patina . Rosewood has only usual dings from use.Purchased March 2001 on Ebay for $77.