Stanley #20 Circular Plane

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Stanley No 20 Circular Plane (Type 2, 1907 to 1909)5
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1897 Catalog Image of No 20 Circular Plane (Type 1)2
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1909 Catalog Image of No 20 Circular Plane (Type 2)3
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1923 Catalog Image of No 20 Circular Plane Showing Japanned Finish  4
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Edmunds Schades's 2/7/1893 Patent Date Cast into the Frame5
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Model Number & "Victor" Cast in Script Lettering on the Adjustment Knob5
Features1: Flexible Sole
Manufactured1: 1897 to 1958
Patents1: E. A. Schade's 2/7/1893 (Design Patent), Traut's 7/24/1888 (disc pivot lateral), E.V. Highes 7/18/1933 (lever cap)
Dimensions1: 9-1/2 inches long; 10 inches long in 1912 and later
Cutter1: 1-3/4 inches wide
Construction1: Cast Iron
Finish1: Nickel Plated prior to 1919, afterwards japanned finish with nickel trim.
User Info1: Adjustable steel sole planes concave or convex surfaces where the minimum radius is greater than 20 inches. A very handy plane which if sharpened properly can produce excellent results. Care must be given that the plane is not tilted at an angle whe in use.
Average Price1: $100 to $250
Type 11: $150 to $350 (1897 to 1907)
Notes1: The #20 circular plane was acquired from Leonards Bailey's sale of his Victor plane patents and tools in stok in 1884. Stanley's model Type 1 has Edmunds Schades's 2/7/1893 patent date cast into the frame and his 4/19/1892 patent on the cutter. Earlier models will have the model number cast in script lettering on the adjustment knob. Of all the circular planes manufactured by Stanley Rule & Level Company, this is the sturdiest and the model often recommended as the most usable of the circular planes. Type 2 (1907 to 1909) will have the same features as Type 1 (nickel plated, 9-1/2 inch, 2/7/1893 patent date) except the blade will have a "T" style trademark.


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5. Stanley No 20 Type 2 which is part of the tool collection of Gordon Muster . Fine Condition. Nickel Plating is 90%. Purchased on Ebay for $91.