Complex Wooden Moulding Planes

I have only a few complex moulding planes. The planemakers represented here include L. Kennedy, Kennedy & Co.,Sandusky, Mathieson & Son, H. Chapin, and Ohio Tool Co.

My Collection of Complex Molding Planes

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Kennedy & Co., Hartford Grecian Ovolo with Bead Molding Plane ( ca. 1825 )

Large complex molding plane with rare mark. Blade and wedge are original parts.Marked with the number "2" and "5/8" on one end and the owner mark "I.S" and "Kennedy & Co. Hartford" on the other end. The depth of cut is 5/8 inch and the width of cut is 1-1/4 inch. Body is sound with a few tight checks in each end. Sole is straight and true. Boxing is nice and tight. Blade needs a a little reshaping but is not rusted or pitted.

Kennedy & Co. Hartford is thought to have been a partnership of Leonard Kennedy Sr. (b 1767 - d 1842) and his son Samuel Lewis Kennedy ( b1792 - d 1840) during the early 1820's. E. & M. Pollak rate this imprint with four stars for rarity

( **** Extremely Rare; between 10 and 50 examples )

L. Kennedey Hartford Quirk Ovolo with Astragal Molding Plane ( ca. 1800 )

Large complex molding plane with bold 1/4 inch chamfers and unusaul cut. Blade and wedge are original. Boxing is in fair shape. Sole has a crack near the mouth which contributes to the sole being out of true 1/16 inch.

This plane is an early example of an uncommon planemaker. Leonard Kennedy Sr. (b 1767 - d 1842) advertised himself as a planemaker in Hartford CT as early as 1797. E. & M. Pollak(1994) rate this type "B" imprint with a single star for rarity. The wedge is type "B" also as given by E. & M. Pollak(1994)
( * Uncommon; between 250 and 500 examples )

Mathieson & Son 3/8" Ovolo Molding Plane.

Good condition. Sole is straight and true. Blade is polished and razor sharp. This plane is ready to make molding. Body is sound with no cracks or checking. There is a little wear to the sole. The wedge does have some wear from use. The back is marked "No 4" and "3/8". The nose is marked with the Mathieson & Sons logo. Overall a good solid useable molding plane.


Sandusky #54 3/4" Scotia Plane.

Plane has seen some use. Someone added a fence at one time. Screw holes are still present.

Plane is in good working order with a sharp iron


Ohio Tool Co #61  3/4" Quirk Ogee with Bevel Molding Plane,

Fine Condition. This is a nice small 3/4" quirk ogee with a bevel. The nose is marked "Ohio Tool Co" and "61". The back is marked "3/4" which is the width of the cut and "3/8" which is the depth of the cut. The plane is crisp all over. There are no cracks or checking in the nose or the rear. The boxing is nice and tight. The sole is straight and true. The blade is in good original condition and will need to have the back polished and then be honed for use. The mouth is about as tight as they get with an opening of about 1/32". The wedge is very crisp with almost no wear. The only damage is on the mouth side of the plane at the bottom edge where two slivers have chipped off. This is at the very edge a little more than 1/4" away from the blade. I believe someone has cleaned the plane and put a stain on it. It is the right color but the guy who did it didn't cover the rear of the plane. Overall a very fine small molding plane.

H. Chapin, Union Factory No. 206 7/8" Reverse Ogee Molding Plane

Fine Condition. The nose is marked "H. Chapin, Union Factory Warrented" and No. 206 and 7/8 on the back.Body is sound and the sole is straight and true with little wear.

H. Chapin, Union Factory No. 219 5/8" Cove Molding Plane

Fair condition. Body has been modified. Wedge is not orignal and needs tuning.