Stanley Everlasting Chisels

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The Stanley Rule & Level Co. acquired the Hurley & Wood Company of Southington, CT in 1904 as a means to enter into the chisel market. Stanley introducted the Everlasting Chisel Line in a 1911 catalog as shown to the left. Stanley acquired in this aquisition the patents for the classic design known as the "Everlasting Chisel", which was a creation of father and son George E. Wood and George A. Wood. The Everlasting chisel is of a unique patented which incorporates a one piece solid steel blade and shank which goes through the handle completely, ending in a peened end cap. As such, there is no loss of energy between the hammer and the cutting edge.


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Stanley No. 20 Everlasing Chisels

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Stanley No. 50 Everlasing Chisels

My collection of Everlasting Chisels which includes graduated sizes on No. 20 , 40 and 50's is kept handy right above my tool bench as given below. Recently I built a chisel cabinet to keep my chisels and various other tools in. Made with an oak frame and panels of plywood with curly maple verneer applied to them on both sides.


Based on these samples , G. Wood patents, and information provided by Walter, type studies where performed. These type studies are given below:

Stanley # 20 "Everlasting" Bevel Edge Firmer Chisel
Stanley # 25 "Everlasting" Square Edge Firmer Chisel
Stanley # 40 "Everlasting" Bevel Edge Cabinet Chisel
Stanley # 45 "Everlasting" Square Edge Cabinet Chisel
Stanley # 50 "Everlasting" Bevel Edge Butt Chisel
Stanley # 55 "Everlasting" Glaziers Chisel
Stanley # 58 "Everlasting" Glaziers Chisel