OldToolUser's Metal Planes

stan_plane_set_c_small.JPG (5626 bytes) Baily Bench Planes  - Here you will find my Bailey Bench Planes And a Type Wizard for Bailey Bench Planes
RabbetPlanes.JPG (36839 bytes) Block, Rabbet, & Fillester Planes - Which includes two of my favorite Stanley Planes, the #140 and #289
Scraper Planes - Which includes one of my latest additions, the #112
Dado Planes - Which includes the #39 and #239.
Tounge and Groove Planes - Which include two of the more useful of Stanley's planes the #48 and #49.
Circular Planes - Here you will find planes which cut on a radius. This includes the Stanley #13, #113, #20 and #20-1/2. 
Combination Planes - Which include some of Stanleys more ornate and complicated planes, the 45,46 & 55