Disston No. 7 Rip Saw                                        


Disston No. 7 Rip Saw (1840's) 2

Disston  "Reversed Eagle "Medallion (1840's Type 1) 3

Back of Saw Handle3

Details of Split Nuts3

"Henry Disston" Marker's Mark on Blade3

Nib Details3

Features1: 7 ppi Rip saw
Blade Dimensions1:   26 inches long
1: 1840-1928
1: None

Number of Saw nuts (regular/panel)1: 4/3
Steel Grade
1: cast steel
1: Beech
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1. The Disstonian Institute. http://www.disstonianinstitute.com

2. Disston No.7 Rip Saw, 1840's , Tool Collection of Gordon Muster.  Disston No. 7 Rip Saw purchased on EBay for $12 (very bad picture enabled me to purchase cheap from estate sale). Handle in good condition for age. Very well used blade with "Henry Disston" markers mark in an arch. Horn has small chip. Missing a few teeth near Nib and one near handle. Medallion features an eagle with a reversed head.

3. This is the only "reversed head" eagle medallion I have found watching EBay a few years. To my knowledge every other none medallion found to date has had the eagle's head pointing the other direction. Erik von Sneidern (disston@disstonianinstitute.com), a very respected Disston saw tool expert and the author of the "The Disstonian Institute" at http://www.disstonianinstitute.com has dated this saw as given in an E-mail to me dated 1 Feb 10:13 (PST) as given below.  Based, in part, on research done by Pete Taran and published in "The Fine Tool Journal" Erik von Sneidern developed a web page that can be used to date a Disston saw by the medallion (Medallions -- How Old Is My Saw?) . On this site it appears all eagles are looking toward the olive branches and away from the arrow points as this as the medallion shown here. For the medallion shown here the arrows are pointing toward the beginning of the name "Henry Disston" hereas in the medallions shown on Erik's site all medallions have the arrows pointing toward the end of the name . In the medallion show here the eagles head points toward the end of "Henry Disston" or in the opposite direction. As such, I denote that the eagle part of the medallion is "reversed".

That's quite a find.  Can't say I've seen that one before.  It looks to be 1840's, judging by the motif and the serif on the lettering.  May I use it and credit you on the website?
Glad you enjoy the website.

Erik von Sneidern
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