Stanley #112 Cabinet Scraper Plane

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Stanley No 112 Scraper Plane 5
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1884 Catalog Image of Stanley #112 Type 1 Scraper2
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1909 Catalog Image of Stanley #112 Cabinet Scraper3
Stan112_1923.jpg (249506 bytes)
1923 Catalog Image of Stanley #112 Cabinet Scraper4

Manufactured1: 1885 to 1943
Patents1: Leonard Bailey's 8/7/1855 (basic desgn; cutter adjustment)
Dimensions1: 9 inches long
Cutter1: 2-7/8 inches wide
Construction1: Cast iron, rosewood handle and knob
Finish1: Japanned
User Info1: A superior scraper plane used by cabinetmakers for scraping and finishing fine hardwood cabinetwork and for finishing veneers. See No. 12 for sharping details.
Average Price1: $100 to $250
Type 11: $150 to $450 (1885 to 1890)
Notes1: Three optional toothing cutters were available: 22 t.p.i., 28 t.p.i., and 32 t.p.i. Today these cutters bring $50 to $100 each. The slope of the side rails on earilier castings will not be centered between the tow and heal of the plane as are later types. Type 1 has a beaded front knob and early stylized rear handle and Bailey's 8/31/1858 patent date on the adjustment screw. later types will have the 'B' and 'S' casting marks. Stanley trademark may not be on blade. Cap screws on most later types have a trademark. Early blades have the upper two corners cut at a 45 degree angle.

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