Stanley #12 Veneer Scraper

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Stanley #12 Veener Scraper
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1872 Catalog Image of  #12 Type 1 Veneer Scraper
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Stanley #12 Blade Mark

Manufactured: 1869 to 1947
Patents: Leonard bailey's 8/7/1855 (basic design; cutter adjustment)
Dimensions: 6-1/4 inch long
Cutter: 2-7/8 inch wide
Construction: cast iron, rosewood handle
Finish: Japanned
User Info: Used for scraping fine hardwood, veneers and fancy grained wood, such as crotch walnut, curly maple, bird's-eye and burl woods. The key to successful use is in sharping the cutter. This plane can also be used to tooth a surface prior to gluing and veneering, using a 22,28 or 32 teeth per inch toothing blade. The finer the toothing cutter, the tigher the glue joint. Ground hide glue is perferred to modern glues by old time cabinetmakers.
Average Price: $45 to $125
Type 2: $50 to $150 (1875 to 1909)
Type 1: $200 to $400 (1869 to 1875)


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4. Stanley No.  12 Veneer Scraper, Tool COllection of Gordon muster. Purchased on Ebay for $73.50