Stanley No. 16 Improved Mitre  Square Type Study    

Features: iron frame handle with wood inlay
Manufactured: 1871 to 1939
Patent: Charles Winterbottom's 7/29/1869
Sizes: 8,10,12 inch lengths
Construction: cast iron frame, walnut infill, steel blade
Finish: lacquered
Average price as given by Walter (1998): $25 to $75
Types 1 & 2: $30 to $100
Notes: The Early Type 1 has handle with a rounded bottom; later Type 1 is flat.
Design change in 1902 to a cast iron frame and nickel plated steel blade.
The 12 inch size is the most difficult to obtain.

Type Period Catalog Line Drawing Example
Type 1 1872 to 1898 no16improvedmitresquaretype1.jpg  sno16mitre_8inch_earlytyp1.jpg
Early Type I #16 Mitre Square of 8 Inch Size
Type 1 .

Later Type I #16 Mitre Square of
12 Inch Size and
square handle bottom

Later Type I #16 Mitre Square of 12 Inch Size
Type 2 1902 to 1939 no16improvedmitresquare.jpg   sno16mitre_8inch_typ2.jpg
Type II #16 Mitre Square of  8 Inch Size 

Detail of Rounded Handle Bottom for Early Type I #16 Mitre Squares

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