DRAFT Stanley No. 2 Patent Improved Try Square Type Study       



Manufactuered: 1874 to 1887
Patent: Justus Traut's 5/26/1874 (handle depressions, construction)
Sizes: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12
Construction: Cast Iron, Steel blade
Finish: Japanned
Average price given by Walter: $15 to $45
2 inch:    $150 to $300
12 inch:     $100 to $200
Type 1:    $25 to $75
Notes:    Type 1 has lead fill around the rivets securing the blade. Observed with and without patenet date. patent is stamped in the lead fill at rivets. designated no. 12 in 1888. this model is considered Type 1 of the No. 12 Try Square.

Type Period Catalog Pictures and Notes Sample
Type 1a 1874 - 18?? no12improvedtrysquaretype1.jpg (10817 bytes) sno12ts_typ1.jpg
Type 1b

 18?? to 1887

Note the Stanley logo and nickel plated handle as well as Type 1 rivets with lead infill and patent date in same.This style of handle does not appear in any of the Stanley catalogs but could be assumed to represent later "Type I" squares. sno12ts_typ2a.jpg

sno2pitsq_typ1_mark.jpg (19166 bytes)
 5/26/1874 patent date impressed on lead infill around rivets