Stanley No. 3 & 3C Smoothing Planes

Stanley No. 3 Smoothing Plane (Type 11) 4

1870 Catalog Image of Bailey Smoothing Plane Showing Beaded Low Front Knob 2

1888 Catalog Image of Bailey Smoothing Plane Showing Lateral Adjustment 2

1923 Catalog Image of Bailey Smoothing Plane Showing High Front Knob3

Features1: 3C has corrugated bottom
1: 1867 to 1984

Dimensions1: 8 inches long
1: 1 -3/4 inch wide
1: cast iron, rosewood handle and knob
1: Japanned
User Info
1: General purpose bench plane. Used as a general smoothing plane but particularly adapted for traveling tool kits on the job where space is a premium. It is a superb plane for jointer work with short stock and is perfect for small projects. The 3C is preferred by many for working on resinous woods. The corrugated provides less friction, making the plane glide easier.
Average Price
1: $30 to $80 ($35 to $100 for 3C)
Type 4: $75 to $150 (1874 to 1884)
Type 3: $300 to $600 (1872 to 1873)
Type 2: $150 to $350 (1869 to 1872)
Type 1: $250 to $500 (1867 to 1869)
1. Walter, John . "Antique & Collectable Stanley Tools, Guide to Identity and Value",  2nd Edition, 1996
2. The Stanley Catalog Collection, 1855 to 1898, The Astragal Press, Mendham, New Jersey
3. Smith, Roger K., Reprint of Stanley Catalog No 120 originally issued in 1923, "Carpenters' and Mechanics Tools", The Stanley Rule and & Level Plant, The Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn., U.S.A.
4. Stanley No. 3 Smoothing Plane, Type 11, Tool Collection of Gordon Muster. Plane purchased on EBay $35 and ten found to have been "cleaned" with a rotating tool and had hills and valleys where rust light pitting had been "cleaned". Got $10 refund from seller by threatening negative feedback. In any event, spent a whole day restoring the abused plane by trueing sides and bottom surfaces with a file and then lapping both sides and bottoms as well.  As restored metal now is in almost new condition. Excellent user plane in an exceptional restored condition.

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