Stanley No 49 Tongue & Groove Plane

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Stanley No 49 Tongue and Groove Plane (Type 3)
Features: Swing fence on pivot with spring loaded lock pin.
1877 to 1942
Patents: Miller's 7/6/75 (basic patent) and 8/22/1876 (improvement)
Dimensions: 10 inches; 9 inches in 1937 and later
Cutter: 3/16 inch wide
Construction: Cast Iron, rosewood knob
Finish: Japanned prior to 1896, nickel plated afterwards
User Info: Used to make 3/16" tongue and groove match joints on boards 1/2" to 3/4", centering on 1/2". For cutting a groove only one cutter is exposed and to cut a tongue, the fence is rotated 180 degrees to expose both cutters. These planes were supplied with an extra wide cutter for oversized stock. A handy plane to use because once it is sharpened and set up there is not set up time between jobs, you merely pull the plane off the shelf and run your joint.
No48TandGPlane.jpg (206119 bytes)
1888 Catalog Image of Stanley No 49 Tongue and Groove Plane (Type 1)
Average Price: $75 to $150
Type 1: $100 to $200 (1877 to 1898)
Notes: The No 49 is much more scarce than the No 48. It is identical to the 48 except for size. Earlier types were japanned, prior to 1898. Earlier models had Miller's fancy handle and large knurled brass thumbscrews to secure cutters. A fish scale pattern used on the handle in 1911 and later. The No 49 is sometimes found missing its original cutters or with replacements from a No 45. The swinging fence pivots on a screw in the center of the bottom of the plane casting. This fence will swing a full 360 degrees from end to end. All japanned models have Miller's 7/6/1875 patent date in the casting under the handle. 
Stan48TGPlaneType2.jpg (202299 bytes)
1923 Catalog Image of Stanley No 49 Tongue and Groove Plane (Type 3)
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