Stanley No. 4 & 4C Smoothing Planes

Stanley No. 4 Smoothing Plane Type 10 with Replacement Blade 4
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1870 Catalog Image of Bailey Smoothing Plane Showing Beaded Low Front Knob 2
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1888 Catalog Image of Bailey Smoothing Plane Showing Lateral Adjustment 2
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1923 Catalog Image of Bailey Smoothing Plane Showing High Front Knob3
Features1: 4C has corrugated bottom
1: 1869 to 1984

Dimensions1: 9 inches long
1: 2 inches wide
1: cast iron, rosewood handle and knob
1: Japanned
User Info
1: General purpose bench plane. Due to it's size and weight, this plane is one of the most commonly used for general carpentry and woodwork and bench work such as smoothing and fitting. It is heavy enough to set down on the wood and do a good job whether working on soft or hard wood. The 4C is preferred by many for working on resinous woods. The corrugated provides less friction, making the plane glide easier.
Average Price
1: $25 to $75
Type 4: $50 to $125 (1874 to 1884)
Type 3: $300 to $600 (1872 to 1873)
Type 2: $150 to $300 (1869 to 1872)
Type 1: $250 to $550 (1867 to 1869)
1:  A few rare examples are know with oiling devices built into the front knob. These were after market devices, never manufactured by Stanley, and consisted of a hollow front knob holding an oil reservoir connected to small holes in the sole for dispensing the oil. On Stanley planes, this interesting feature has been observed only on the No 4 and 5 models, and it can increase their value by several hundred dollars. See Smith's "patented & Transitional Metallic Planes in America, Vol I & II" for more information.


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4.Stanley No. 4 Smoothing Plane, Type 10, Tool Collection of Gordon Muster. First plane purchased on Ebay from Stan Faullin for $20 and then restored. As purchased was heavily rusted and had broken handle. Some pitting on sides. Bottom has been lapped flat and blade replaced with a new Hock Blade. Not pretty but great user plane.

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