Stanley No. 5 & 5C Jack Planes

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Stanley No. 5 Jack Plane (Type 10) 4

Features1: 5C has corrugated bottom
1: 1867 to 1984 (5C 1898 to 1970)

Dimensions1: 14 inches long
1: 2 inches wide
1: cast iron, rosewood handle and knob
1: Japanned
User Info
1: The most common general purpose bench plane and to many carpenters, the workhorse of their toolkit. It is a very good plane for general smoothing work and long enough to do some jointing. Almost every shop has one of these planes, and for its size, weight, and width of cutter, it is a must have for amateur or serious woodworkers. It is ideal for rough surfaces where the coarser cut is desired, but it is also suitable for obtaining a smooth and flat surface. This plane is considered by many as the first plane to use for general preparation of wood stock because its added length gives more stability for heavier planing work. Most users prefer types manufactured after 1907 that have the fine frog adjustment features. The 5C is perferred by many for working on resinous woods. The corrugated provides less friction, making the plane glide easier.
Average Price
1: $25 to $75
Type 4: $50 to $125 (1874 to 1884)
Type 3: $300 to $600 (1872 to 1873)
Type 2: $150 to $300 (1869 to 1872)
Type 1: $250 to $500 (1867 to 1869)


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4. Stanley No. 5 Jack Plane, Type 10, Tool Collection of Gordon Muster. Purchased on Ebay for $35.   Jappanning is 90% and laquer on handle 40%. Bottom has been lapped flat, and blade resharpened. Great user plane for an good price.