Stanley No. 78 Duplex, Rabbet & Fillister Plane

Stanley No  78 Duplex, Rabbet & Fillester Plane 5

Backside of Stanley No  78 Rebate Plane Showing Cutter Adjustment and Bodmer's 6/7/1910  Patent Date 5
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1884 Catalog Image of Stanley No 78 2
Stan78_1909.jpg (124497 bytes)
1909 Catalog Image of Stanley No 78 Showing Notched TM on Handle4
Stan78Type2.jpg (168385 bytes)
1923 Catalog Image of Stanley No 78 Showing Fish-scale Handle Pattern 3
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1926 Catalog Image of Stanley No 78 Showing Cutter Adjustment 4
Features1:  Two Cutter seats, adjustable fence, rod, depth stop and spur
Manufactured1: 1884 to 1984
Patents1: Campbell's 1/30/1883 (convertible cutter seat design), Campbell's 10/23/1883 (reissue ),Traut's 11/18/1884 (baisc patent), Christian Bodmer's 6/7/1910 (construction), Christian Bodmer's 8/23/1910 (spurs)
Dimensions1  8-1/2 inches long; 8 1/4 inches long 1936 and later
Cutter1: 1-1/2 inch wide
Construction1: Cast iron
Finish1: Japanned, nickel plated trimmings
User Info1: Used to make rabbet and fillister cuts, this plane is the standard of its type and is still popular today. Currently manufactured by Stanley in England (marked on cutters)

Average price1: $40 to $85
Type 11:  $50 to $125 (1884 to 1901)

Notes1: Type 1 has two patent dates in casting, Campbell's 1/30/1883 and 10/23/1883. Cutter is stamped with Traut's 11/18/1884 patent date. It has an early style thumbscrew and a "Miller's pattern" handle. Fence and rod are ambidextrous. The front cutter seat is used for bull nose work. Fish scale type casting used for handle 1909 and later. A cutter adjustment lever was added in 1925; all subsequent cutters will have the notched serrations for engaging this lever.

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5. Stanley No 78 which is part of the tool collection of Gordon Muster . Very Good Condition 1936  vintage (8-1/4" long) with cutter adjustment. Japanning 80%. Sweetheart cutter in good condition. Purchased from a local tool dealer in 1996 for $45.