Stanley No. 81 Cabinet Scraper

Stanley #81 Cabinet Scraper4
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1909 Catalog Image Of Stanley No 81 Cabinet Scraper 2
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1923 Catalog Image Of Stanley No 81 Scraper 3

Stanley #81 Cabinet Scraper (back view)4

Stanley #81 Cabinet Scraper (bottom view)4
Manufactured1: 1909 to 1942
Dimensions1: 10 Inches long
Cutter1: 1-1/2 inch wide
Construction1: Cast Iron, rosewood bottom
Finish1: Nickel plated
User Info1: With its rosewood bottom, this is an all-time favorite of many cabinetmakers for scraping down faincy grained wood. See No. 12 for sharpening of the cutter.
Average Price1: $50 to $125
Notes1: Japanned finish during W.W. II era and later, C. 1942 to 1949

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4. Stanley No 81 , Tool Collection of Gordon Muster . Fine Condition. Nickel Plating is 90%. Purchased at SWTCA March 2001 Meet in Houston for $35.