Stanley #94 Cabinet Makers Rabbet

Stanley #94 Cabinet makers Plane 
Features: Adjustable Throat
Manufactured: 1902 to 1943
Patents: Traut's 3/13/1900 (endwise screww cutter adjustment)
Dimensions: 7-1/2 inches long
Cutter: 1-1/4 inch wide
Construction: Cast Iron
Finish: Nickel plated
User Info: An extremely accurate adjustable throat rabbet plane used by cabinetmakers for fine, close tolerance work either vertically or on its right or left side. The top front portion of the plane can be moved back and forth to control thickness of the shaving. Another standard tool in a fine workshop.
Average Price: $200 to $500
Type 1: $300 to $600
Note: This particular model is very diffucult to find with 95% or better nickel intact. Only those examples with this percentage of better finish remaining will approaoch the higher values.A steel disc was inserted onto the front of the plane. This disc covers the hole for the sand core that made the front portion of the plane hollow. On most types, the trademark will be stamped on this disc which can be used to determine vintage. Type 1 does not have the disc. The bottom of the plane is a seperate piece pinned to the sides which allowed casting the front portion of the plane with a hollow cavity to reduce weight. Always check the cutter on the later types to avoid buying an English model. English models made after 1980 are not hollow and do not have the disc.
Source: Walter, John . "Antique & Collectable Stanley Tools, Guide to Identity and Value",   2nd Edition, 1996