Stanley No. 95 Edge Trimming Block Plane

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Stanley No 95 Edge Trimming Block Plane (Early Type 1 - 1911 to 1919)3
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1923 Catalog Image of Stanley No 95 2
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Type 1 Style "Stanley No 95" Trademark in script font3
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Type 1 Style Bodmer's 5/14/1912 Patent Date in Casting3
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Back View of Stanley No 95 Edge Trimming Block Plane3

Manufactured1: 1911 to 1961
Patents1: Christian Bodmer's 5/14/1912 (basic patent)
Dimensions1: 6 inches long
Cutter1: 3/4 inch wide
Construction1: Cast Iron
Finish1: Japanned, nickel plated cap screw
User Info1: With its skewed cutter, this plane is used to accurately square up an edge. A very handy tool for most cabinet and furniture shops..
Average Price1: $75 to $150
     Type 11: $150 to $250 (1911 to 1921)
     Type 21: $100 to $175 (1922 to 1935)
Reproductions4: Lie-Nielson (bronze with fence,RH or LH) $125
Replacement Blades4: Lie-Nielson - $20
Note1: The No. 95 has two basic casting types. Type 1 has Stanley's script tradmark and the "No 95" and Bodmer's 5/14/1912 patent date in the casting. Type 1a has an identical casting but has Stanley's "Sweetheart" trademark on the cutter. Type 2 has Stanley's notched trademark and "No 95" in the casting and the notched trademark is also on the cutter. Japanning was blue from 1957 until the end of production in 1961.


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2. Smith, Roger K., Reprint of Stanley Catalog No 120 orginally issued in 1923, "Carpenters' and Mechanics Tools", The Stanley Rule and & Level Plant, The Stanley Works, New Britain, Conn., U.S.A.,
3. Stanley No. 95, Type 1, Tool Collection of Gordon  Muster. Very Fine Condition . Japanning 95%. Metal surfaces are near new condition. Blade is original and sharp. Purchaed March, 2001 on Ebay for $147.50.
4. Lie-Nielson Toolworks Inc. 2000 Catalog,


Stan95BladeMark.JPG (71791 bytes)
Stanley Early Type 1 Blade with "Arched" TM3

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