OldToolUser's Wooden Dado Planes

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  Ohio Tool Co 3/8" Dado Plane, Fine Condition. This plane is clean and waxed, silky smooth to the touch, and crisp all over. The blades are clean, bright and very sharp. The sole is straight and true and the depth stop is in good working order. Both of the wedges are crisp with no wear. There is a nice crisp "beaver" cut out in front of the blade. C.T.Kerns was the original proud owner and stamped his name on the front and back as well as the side of the plane. The nose is marked "Ohio Tool Co" which is mostly obscurred by the owner's mark. The back is marked "3/8". The only fault in this plane is that it has a few very tight checks. The only visible one is on the top and none of them affect the use of the plane. Overall a very nice crisp working dado plane.
   Taber Plane Co Dado Plane