OldToolUser's Wooden Planes

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I have only been collecting wooden planes for a very short time. Given herein is description of the wooden planes in my user tool collection as well as a comparison of imprints found with that given by E. & A. Pollak and catalog data where avialable. In addition I have compiled a list of resources for wooden planes available on the web, which is given here. A short history of wooden plane making in America and a partial list of American planemakers is given here.
  Plow Planes
by Planemakers which include A. Howland & Co. and S.C. Cook.
Smooth Planes
by Planemakers which include
.  Dado Planes
by Planemakers which include Ohio Tool Co.
.  Rebate & Fillester Planes
by Planemakers which include Ohio Tool Co. , Howland & Co.
and Thomas L. Appleton
Complex Moulding Planes
by Planemakers which include Ohio Tool Co, Sandusky, and Mathieson & Son , L. Kennedy, Kennedy & Co., and H. Chapin  
Side & Center Bead Molding Planes
by Planemakers which include H.Chapin ,Bodman & Hussey,
J. E. Child, Ohio Tool Co. , Gladwin & Appleton, P. A.  Gladwin & Co., Taber Plane Co. Owasco Tool Co.

 Round and Hollow Planes
by Planemakers which include W. Lithgow