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Antique Tool Sites and On-Line Auctions

http://www.2lshark.com The 2LShark Antique Tool Museum ; Great Site
http://www.sonic.net/boyett/woodworking.htm Jim's Woodworking Page ; great link page
http://home.att.net/~ilikerust/ Bill's Tool Rest
One of the most active online auction sites for tools
The Electronic Neanderthal The best starting point for anything related to old tools.
ToolTrip hosted by Stan Faullin Good resource for information Combination Planes and a host of other interesting tools.
Stan sells Stanley combination plane parts, reproduction Stanley parts, Very informative site.
Kevin's Woodturnings Good resource for information and software to assist in segmented bowl turning
 Philip A. Cannon Collector of Antique tools and Related Items Good resource for information on Measuring and Calculating Devices. List of makers of measuring devices such as square, rules, etc.
Don Bosse's Miller's Patent Plane Site. . Good resource for information on Miller's Patent Plane.
This site is dedicated to the Miller's Patent Plow Plane the most ornate and beautiful hand tool ever made during the industrial revolution

Superior Tool Home Page

Patrick Leach's well known Blood & Gore has good information on all the Stanley planes and scrapers.  Patrick also sells antique tools and manufactures new tools.
Jay Sutherland's Home Page Good resource on bench and router planes, including the Stanley Bailey Type Study and a comprehensive Router Plane Type Study. 
 Martin J Donnelly Antique Tools, http://www.mjdtools.com ,  This site carries virtually every book the antique tool user would want to have. A must vist.
 The Museum of Woodworking Tools, http://www.toolsforworkingwood.com ,  They carry every book currently published by the Astragal Press.
Ralph Brendler's Home Page Good resource for information on Stanley Marking Gages.  
Jon Zimmer's Antique Tools Good selection of tools and catalogs sale. Some information   on the Stanley #45 & #55 combination planes.
Nathan Lindsey's Sawsets Good source  of information & pictures on saw sharpening tools covering a wide range of manufacturers. a

Tool Collectors Associations

Southwest Tool Collectors Association (SWTCA) Check out the SWTCA webpage and become a member!

New Tools and parts

Stanley Tools
Division of The Stanley Works
Dept JM
New Britain, CT 06053
800-262-2161 (hit 3, then 1)fax 860-827-5926