Stanley #7 & 7C Smooth Planes

   Features: 7C has corrugated bottom
Manufactured: 1869 to 1984
Dimensions: 9 inches long
Cutter: 2 inches wide
Construction: cast iron, rosewood handle and knob
Finsh: Japanned
User Info: General purpose bench plane. Due to it's size and weight, this plane is one of the most commonly used for general carpentry and woodwork and bench work such as smoothing and fitting. It is heavy enough to set down on the wood and do a good job whether working on soft or hard wood. The 4C is preferred by many for working on resinous woods. The corrugated provides less friction, making the plane glide easier.
Average Price: $25 to $75
Type 4: $50 to $125 (1874 to 1884)
Type 3: $300 to $600 (1872 to 1873)
Type 2: $150 to $300 (1869 to 1872)
Type 1: $250 to $550 (1867 to 1869)
Source: Walter, John . "Antique & Collectable Stanley Tools, Guide to Identity and Value",  2nd Edition, 1996

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