OldTooluser's Rabbet  & Block Planes

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RabbetPlanes.JPG (36839 bytes) The rabbet planes I use consist of the Stanley No. 78, 79, 90, 92, 93, 95, 98, 99, 140, and 289. It would also have to include a Miller Fall's 07 which is equivalent to the Stanley No. 140.  The Miller Fall's 07 and Stanley No. 140 are my favorites and get lots of use in fitting cabinets and such.   In most cases I prefer to use the skew bladed No. 289 over the No. 78 for cross-grain work but the No. 78 (with the blade at the forward position) works fine in tight spots where the No. 289 will not fit, hence I use both. Since the No. 289 I have obtained was without a fence the fence for the No. 78 is on the No. 289 more often than than not. Although the fit is not great  the No. 78 fence works fine in one direction on the No. 289 and marginal in the other direction. Even without a fence the No. 289 with the skewed blade is great for cross-grain work.